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Please take a look on our description page,each bouquet should have a short description and a starting price...... Anything you are unable to find please contact us and we will be pleased to help you with your

enquiry .

BQ6 pink hand tied                        BQ7 Sunny hostess bq in water          BQ8 yellow/liliac hostess bq             BQ9 liliac/Pink/cream bq               BQ10 Pale blue/white hostess  bq


BQ11 Hostess bqs in water           BQ12 Hand Tied                                  BQ13 Cerise hostess bq                          BQ14 Red Roses/lillies                   BQ 15 bright Hostess bq      

Bq16 PINK Hostess bq                          Bq17 Mixed Hostess bouquet               BQ18 Hand Tied                                   BQ19 Summer mix                             BQ20 Hostess bq

Photos are only a guide,  flowers may vary.

Please call shop for details . Each photo has a code number if you click on the photo. Minimum £30 for delivery

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Photo codes may not show on mobile site  


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BQ1 Natural wrap                               BQ2  Mixed Bouquet                             BQ3 Bouquet orange mixed                BQ4. white lilly/ roses                   BQ5 Handtied bq in bag          

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